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Chinaclay has crafted 5 floral “Moods” for online flower orders, each with its own distinct style.

Each showcases the season’s finest flowers, skillfully arranged by florist Celia Crawford to follow the design sensibility of their Mood, and each floral arrangement is unique.

Dramatic: Bold and passionate, this collection combines strong colour with striking and unexpected forms.

Garden: Romantic, rambling and unstructured, this collection features soft seasonal flowers in a dreamy palette.

Earthy: Focusing on native and textural flowers, this collection offers a uniquely tactile combination.

Leave it to us: A fusion of moods, a design maverick, this collection takes its pick of the day’s market flowers and runs with it.

Simple: One flower type at the height of its seasonal brilliance.

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We love weddings and events, and work with you to create gorgeous floral arrangements to suit your personal style and your event's mood. Find out more about flowers for weddings and events.

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