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Natalie Levy

Artist Statement:

Natalie fell in love with ceramics when she was 12 years old. She went on to study at various well established ceramic institutions within the UK and Australia.

Over the years Natalie has worked with a number of clay bodies but was increasingly drawn to working with fine white porcelain.

Fascinated by the nature of translucent porcelain and how its combination with light and texture can transform the atmosphere of an interior, and ultimately affect our internal mood, Natalie began experimenting with different forms of texture and pattern.

During this time, she developed her own unique porcelain formulation in order to achieve the whiteness and translucency that she required, which she continues to work with today.

As Natalie's work evolves, she continues to experiment with texture, depth and form and its interaction with light, taking her inspiration from nature (the texture of a leaf, the symmetry of an ice formation, or the creases in a rock-face).

Natalie lives in Bondi, Sydney, which she finds to be a beautiful place full of inspiration.

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