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Sandy Lockwood

Artist Statement:

The material qualities of clay are essential to my work. They provide a vocabulary for expressing a language of rich textures, rhythms and tactile sensation.

Dry cracked earthy stoneware slabs contrast with refined and fluid salt glazed porcelain to expresses the transience of life and delicate balance of nature. I seek to express both movement and stillness that echo the natural world, and provide a testament to the effects of time.

I work at the edge of my medium by pushing the capabilities and tolerance of clay in search of a subtle nuance or essence of expression. I am seeking to capture an elusive 'rightness' that expresses an elusive embodiment of life's energy.

All my work is wood fired and salt glazed. Most of the clays I use are made from Australian raw materials which I blend and mix myself. I also use Southern Ice and Limoges porcelain. Each clay has particular qualities which, when combined with wood firing and salt, produce varied and intriguing surfaces that are an essential part of my work.

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