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Valentine's Day 2020 Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day 2020 is fast approaching, Friday 14th February for those who need a reminder. With that in mind we’ve put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide for all you lovers out there…


Deluxe Red Roses + Greybox Design

What’s a good way to step up your V Day game? Gift your loved one a dozen (or more!) premium quality red roses in a copper vase by Greybox Design.

Made from upcycled copper pipes, each unique vessel brings warmth and texture to the bouquet it receives.

“The copper acts as a canvas for David's experiments in alchemy, which can be uncontrollable and unpredictable. The results are exciting, individually handcrafted artworks.” – Greybox Design


How to buy: Contact Celia on 9665 3238 or


Monstera Plant

Is your loved one more of a Plant Parent than cut flower afficionado? Here’s how to find out: do a quick scan of their home. Are there pot plants on every available indoor surface? Can you fit another one in? Of course you can!

And one of the hardest working and most rewarding indoor plants is the Monstera Deliciosa. Growing up to 4m tall and needing minimal care, make all their Instagram dreams come true. #blessed

How to buy: Follow this link 


Light Stoneware Mugs by LK Ceramic

Tea and coffee lovers rejoice! If your one and only is unable to function without the goods, allow us to offer you these beautiful handmade mugs by local artist, LK Ceramic.

The calming earthy palette, lightweight feel and unique texture will immediately banish the morning Grumps. Lola’s mugs also have impressive capacity, surely a relief to that special caffeine addict in your life.

Perfect for lazy weekend mornings reading the newspaper. 

How to buy: Follow this link 


Chinaclay gift voucher

Not sure what your significant other would prefer? The good news is Chinaclay offers gift vouchers, so you don’t have to decide! If you’re keen to make a romantic gesture with none of the anguish of gift giving, this one is for you.

Starting from just $50, we’ll include a custom card message from you, in beautifully appointed packaging.

How to buy: Contact Celia on 9665 3238 or


Kate Grebert Designs Art Cards

In a world obsessed with being online, a hand-written gift card means so much. To take the time to select and write a beautiful card is a radical act of giving a damn and at Chinaclay we’re all about it.

This Valentine’s Day, why not try a lush rose print from Kate’s Romance Collection? Obsessed with native flowers? Go for a sampler of her unique and prolific Australian flora illustrations.

A beautiful keepsake that can be framed after use, Kate’s cards are sure to show your special person that you really care.

How to buy: Follow this link 


Valentine's Day Floral Arrangements

We've also curated four additional Valentine's Day floral arrangements ("Deluxe Red Roses", "Modern Love", "Secret Garden" & "Into The Woods") to accompany our permanent bouquet range.   

How to buy: Follow the link



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