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Veuve Clicquot celebrates the 200th anniversary of its rosé champagne

Rosé has always felt like a celebration drink to me. Cool reds and zesty whites will always have their place but, if it’s your birthday, I’m cracking the rosé. If it’s carbonated, all the better! Rosé champagne, a blessed union indeed…

So what to do to celebrate such a bright spark? BLACK Communications tasked Chinaclay with installing a very pink and sassy flower wall for their event at Sake Double Bay.

The answer? A mixture of Colombian, African and local garden roses, fully reflexed, to create a vibrant media wall. We created a blanket of roses in nearly every shade of pink you can imagine, from the soft shell pink of Sweet Avalanche, to the striking candy pink (and enormous size) of Rhoslyn, to the unapologetic peachiness of Miss Piggy.

There were so many roses that it took an entire day simply to prep them. Like with many things, preparation is key, and our hard work was rewarded with literally hundreds of blooms at their peak. It created quite the spectacle, with passers by stopping to watch and swoon. There were even a few impromptu photo shoots as we worked!

Special mention goes to Alison from Visually Creative for her help on the day. Her hard work and expertise were invaluable.

See all the pics! 


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