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Timna Taylor

Timna's interest in ceramics was first kindled by Margaret Tuckson's collection of New Guinean pottery.

Later, excited by the pots of Maria Martinez she started making coil built , burnished pots sawdust-fired in a metal garbage can.

Inspired by Paul Soldner's work, she aquiried an old gas kiln, and finding plenty of second-hand ceramic texts in old op shops to help her, she embarked on her glazing adventures in raku and then earthenware.

After discovering the work of Shoji Hamada, Timna experienced the desire to make pottery that melded together her love of painting, with the idea that art can be held in your hand. Her tableware in stoneware and porcelain were the result.

Her philosophy that beauty is sanity is the driving force behind her work.

A "rakuist" at heart, Timna likes experimentation to be the teacher, gaining knowledge from her mistakes.

"I like to take my work to the edge and see it survive".

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