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Celia Crawford (Owner & Florist)

We at Chinaclay wear many hats! The easiest way to describe us is as a combined floral studio and ceramics gallery.

When we took over an existing ceramics gallery in mid 2016 the aim was to create a dedicated space for anybody who loves the handmade and bespoke. The guiding philosophy throughout our business is to offer products that are both beautiful and unique, in which the impossibility of endless replication is to be celebrated; no two pieces are exactly alike.

Celia Crawford (Owner & Florist)

As a florist for over a decade, owner Celia Crawford is distinctly aware of this dynamic. What is more ephemeral than a bouquet of flowers? What is more changeable than the seasons? The notion of celebrating “the artist’s hand” and the individuality of handmade ceramics partners perfectly with the dedication to providing bespoke flowers, each arrangement unique. From this, Chinaclay in its newest iteration was born.

As well as operating the shop and gallery, we deliver flowers Sydney wide. Ceramics are shipped Australia wide. We also consult for weddings and events so please to get in touch.


All of our ceramics are handmade locally by a variety of artisans. At present we have the work of 22 ceramic artists, ranging from experienced masters to those just starting out. Each artist has their own unique aesthetic, and we strive to represent them with respect and a curatorial outlook.

Although our collection is broad and varied, we make every effort to display and present it harmoniously to you. Our staff are always on hand to talk you through the collection, and will include an information sheet about the artist with your ceramic purchase.

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The curatorial eye runs through Chinaclay’s flower selection as well. With a focus on seasonal and unique flowers, our floral offerings are always changing. We source only the best from a variety of dedicated flower growers at Sydney Flower Market and beyond. We are also lucky enough to be supplied by a number of independent flower growers.

Whether you’re dropping in for a cheerful bunch of house flowers, marking an occasion with a flower delivery, or chatting about wedding or event flowers, every arrangement that leaves Chinaclay is a considered, unique and, above all, beautiful offering designed to reflect the occasion and resonate profoundly with the recipient.

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Chinaclay (Clovelly Florist & Ceramics)

Chinaclay (Clovelly Florist & Ceramics)

Chinaclay (Clovelly Florist & Ceramics)