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Anthemis Ceramics

Exploring the behavior of the material since childhood, it is through ceramics that Anne-Sophie Guerinaud expresses her artistic sensibility. With an organic formal repertoire, her works pay tribute to the sheer beauty that can be found in the elements present in nature.

 Her creations, which she signs under the name Anthemis, share a certain interest in drawing and decor. Her pieces play between an aesthetic balance and a subtle functionality.

 From France, Anne-Sophie studied applied arts and decided to specialize in ceramics by enrolling in the School of Applied Arts Olivier de Serres in Paris in 2012. It is at the School of Applied Arts of Vevey in Switzerland where she completed her training and obtained her ceramics diploma in July 2018.

 Passionate about traveling and discovering other cultures, Anne-Sophie aims to practice ceramics around the world. Wanting to learn more and learn from artists-artisans, she is currently doing various internships in Australia.

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