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Ingrid Tristram

Artist Statement 
I am an enthusiastic ceramic artist that has been working and studying in this field for many years. Brookvale and Hornsby TAFE colleges for a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma and Newcastle University for a Fine Arts Degree in Ceramics.
My interest in atmospheric firings was sparked originally by a raku firing workshop in Morpeth with the Sydney Ceramic Study group. This interest was continued with a marvelous time learning from David Roberts from UK who conducted workshops at the Mansfield Ceramics conference at Gulgong many years ago. I followed up on the Gulgong experience by attending a week’s masterclass in Naked Raku with David Roberts in Comano, Italy. So it is absolutely amazing how a patchwork of experiences with wonderful mentors have come together in my love of Naked Raku.
I now live on acreage on the Central Coast where I can specialize in Naked Raku and Atmospheric firings and as David Roberts says we are “painting with smoke”.
Naked Raku Ceramics
Naked Raku ceramics is an atmospheric firing. The ceramics are smoked in a bin of sawdust or shredded paper. The resist slip and resist glaze is taken off. This process leaves a white pattern where the slip and glaze were attached in the smoking stage and carbonised black where there was no slip or glaze. The result is "Naked Clay" with no slip or glaze. Therefore, unless a water sealant is added, the ceramics are porous.
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