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Kim-Anh Nguyen

Artist Statement:

The majority of my work is based on the process of coiling, a simple technique which has been used from the earliest times. The inspiration came from indigenous cultures’ traditional woven textile and basketry.

Underlying my work is a profound respect for the historical and cultural significance of indigenous people (the Montagnards, or mountain people of Vietnam and the Aborigines of Australia). Most of the works depict aspects of the landscape, which is crucial to all indigenous peoples.

I am absorbed by the concept of storytelling and journey through the objects I create. The coiling process to me is a journey itself, starting with the spiral (Koru), from the tree fern, which is a symbol of new life and growth in Maori culture. This spiral represents the beginning and it keeps on going and grows until it looks right and satisfied. I t is until then that the journey ends at the top of the vessel (the rim) and the space within holds many stories.

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