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Natalie Velthuyzen

In her studio practice, Natalie is drawn towards making ceramics for the kitchen, little pieces of artwork which can be used every day which become part of and enhance the constant ritual of eating and sharing.

Produced in her home studio in the North of Sydney, her work has echoes of the sandstone and eucalypts of the Hawkesbury River.

INatalie uses iron-bearing stoneware clay bodies, clay slips and soft talc glazes -firing to Cone 9 in oxidation. Areas of each work is left unglazed to exhibit the clay’s natural warmth and textures.

Natalie Velthuyzen gained a Diploma in Ceramics through Northern Sydney Institute, Tafe and has worked in the ceramics industry for over 15 years. She is well known for her teaching at both Hornsby Tafe, Ceramics and The Workshop Art Centre, Willoughby.

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