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Rachel Carter

Potter Rachel Carter creates porcelain domesticware for people who share her love of craft and design.

Her simple, well-balanced forms are made from Australian Southern Ice Porcelain, which gives her designs their pure white translucent quality. Each piece is thrown individually on her potter’s wheel, meaning every piece is unique. No two objects are the same.

The artisanal process of throwing, drying, glazing and firing takes at least three weeks and during that time every ounce of clay is lovingly transformed by her touch. Although her work looks fragile to the eye, it is functional and designed for everyday use and appreciation.

As an artist Rachel strives to make work that enhances people’s lives while using methods that are gentle on the planet. Her pieces bring a calm beauty to their environments, whether stacked on a shelf or giving pleasure in their feel. They are handcrafted to enrich the rituals of daily life.

Rachel has more than a decade of experience making ceramics, having completed a Diploma in Ceramic Arts in 2006 before spending a few years under the tutelage of renowned New Zealand potter Peter Collis. Rachel worked from her home studio on Sydney’s Lower North Shore before returning to New Zealand. We still deem her an honorary Australian and would welcome her back anytime!

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